Favourite Product of H1 2023

I know this is being published in September 2023, still true, but written July 2023.

In January I started to use Github Co-Pilot and it quickly became my favourite product.

What is it?

It’s auto-complete for code. As you type in your code editor, it purposes potential completions, or entire code blocks.


70% of my code for personal projects was written by Co-Pilot, and 50% of my code for shared products was written by Co-Pilot. These aren’t actual measurements, but more the feeling (and I don’t think I need actual measurements).

The difference between the two numbers is really consistency. If your code base has multiple implementation patterns, or tech debt, it’s more challenging

That’s big - it hasn’t removed the need to have me in the picture, it just makes me faster. I have the implementation in my head, and the more I can just confirm what it’s proposing the better.


I decided this in January and as of July, I still think it’s my favourite product and the best usage of LLMs.