There are two parts to the question of “why”; why write? why have a personal website?

Why have a personal website?

I've probably rebuilt this site about five to ten times in the last ten years. I’ve always built it custom for a simple reason - curiosity. In the top right corner of the homepage it reads "Always Experimenting" and I am. I want to try to new technologies, frameworks, and hosting services. Using this as my way of testing just make sense to me.

Why write?

Originally, it was to get better. I used technical tutorials as a way to improve a writing ability, and to document new learnings from short lived side projects.

When I joined Convictional, the ability to think think deeply about a problem, and be able to communicate through async format (Ex. Writing Essays) was baked into their culture. It align perfectly with my obsessive ways. As an Product Engineer, I’d spend days consistently mulling over a problem, feature or use case for our customers. I could provide transparency by writing.

As I shifted into management, this continue to serve me well. Often team leads will schedule a weekly reoccurring meeting for the sake of it. I shared alignment through writing. It work well for both internally, and externally. All my writing sat in a folder called “Keith’s Writing” in a shared drive. I would constantly find team members from other functions reading my essays. It should be no secret what I was looking at, thinking about or had opinions on.

As I depart Convictional, I continue to write private weekly through journaling. It helps forms and release an idea from my head. I’m going to start doing it publicly with more refined ideas. I spend the time almost everyday, learning and trying to absorb the world. I form ideas and opinions on smaller portion of that learning, and I believe it’s worth sharing for my own sake.

Thanks for reading!